Feb 032016

I am very proud to say that I never lost a job or flunked out of school as a result of playing too much World of Warcraft but there is one thing that it has ruined for me, probably for the rest of my life.

Nothing Compares

This is kind of a super huge compliment to Blizzard for their creation of WoW but it is most certainly a negative impact on my life. Ever since World of Warcraft came out and completely changed my life and whole view of the online gaming world, I have not been able to play ANY other role play game for longer than a week or two.

Why you ask?

Well, every single RPG game that has come out since has just been a VERY dumbed down version of WoW and is trying to replicate and improve on something that simply cannot be.

Anyone else play Rift for a about 3 days and quit?

The game above is called Rift and take a look at how it is designed. Where the action bars are, where the party frames are, where the raid frames are. Take note.

Now look at this picture:

This is Wow and came out YEARS before Rift.

Yes, they look extremely similar and for anyone who doesn’t play video games as much as Slide Gamers¬†might think I am being dramatic here but you simply can’t understand the masterpiece that is World of Warcraft unless you have played it and lived it.

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