Feb 022016

I bet a lot of people out there who don’t play video games as much as us here at Slide Gamers don’t believe me when I mentioned the game World of Warcraft taking up as much time as a full time job for any real player yesterday, but it is true.

Who doesn’t remember this guy? If only Trey and Matt understood how spot on they got it…

The only reason I could play as often as I did is because I was still in high school when it came out and I didn’t have a care in the world or a responsibility at all outside of actually going to school and it was glorious. Well interestingly enough, I was at my cousin’s house earlier today and he had a few friends over and we were all playing Halo together when the topic of WoW came up.

Even I Have Limits

I will be the first to admit that I play more video games than I probably should, but I know how to at least keep the effect they have on my life to an absolute minimum. Not so much the case with my cousin’s friend. He looked like your typical dude and not like the video gaming animal that he turned out to be. He worked for a roofing company in his town here:

Totally respectable, right?

Well apparently he lost his job this month and can you guess why?

Yup. World of Warcraft.

This is honest to God a true story and just touches the surface of the magnitude of this great video game.

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