Feb 052016

I promised I would touch on what exactly PvP is and why I love it so much yesterday so here you go.


So this stands for player vs. environment and this consists of players fighting against AI (artificial intelligence). This would be like the 40 man raids I talked about earlier with a group of other players called a guild. Any given dungeon in a game like WoW would take up to 40 real live players all communicating with each other with headsets over the course of up to a week. I mean literally a week straight sometimes, spending anywhere from 3-8 hours every night to clear out a whole raid.

^This is Nefarian, Slide Gamer’s¬†favorite old school boss fight in WoW^

I know this sounds crazy to a lot of people but only those who have done them can understand how satisfying it can be when you finish the last boss of a crazy dungeon for the first time. All 40 players would immediately start screaming in excitement and the loot you got from the bosses made the countless hours you spend all worth it.


This one stands for player vs. player and instead of primarily fighting AI, you competed and fought against other actual players who were part of a different faction than your own.¬†I usually always prefer PvP over PvE and the feeling you get from outplaying someone in a duel or an arena is just something that I can’t explain.

God I miss that game…

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