Jan 302016

There haven’t been many first person shooters that I have played where there wasn’t an online multi player implemented in it. Out of the couple that I have played all the way through though, BioShock takes the cake for us here at Slide Gamers.

Mix of RPG

What I really like about BioShock and what sets it apart from other first person shooters is that it was kind of a combination of a first person shooter and an RPG which are coincidentally my 2 favorite gaming genres.

There was more to the game than running around and blowing shit up, although that was definitely a huge part of it. There were a number of different skills and abilities you learned along the way and leveling them up was a huge part of the game.

Normally first person shooters are pretty cookie cutter in the sense that everyone has equal guns and apart from different maps and levels there really wasn’t much different about your character as your progress through the game.

BioShock changed that and made you level up a character as you got further through the game and definitely made you feel more connected to the game and felt much more satisfying as you would plow through maps leveling up your skills along the way.


Online and multi-player games is still where my heart rests so this will probably be the only game that I talk about that doesn’t have it.

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