Jan 292016

Now that I have touched on Halo I figured it is only appropriate to crown the second place first person shooter to the Call of Duty franchise. If it wasn’t for Halo completely revolutionizing multi-player I would probably consider Call of Duty better and I have spent more actual hours playing it, but there is just no getting around how much Halo has changed the entire gaming world and I think most would agree.

Another thing I think most real gamers would agree with is that Call of Duty is without question much more rage inducing when you play and there have definitely been a hand full of occasions where I was 2 seconds away from throwing my TV out the window when playing, but that’s another topic.

Coincidentally enough, MW2 is the game that induced the vast majority of all of my gaming rage over the years but at the same time provided me with the most entertainment of the whole series.

Noob Tube

The way that they made the grenade launcher so powerful in this game is just beyond me. You could literally sit in the corner on any map, look directly up, and shoot a grenade in the air and chances were great that you would get a kill.

Oh my god I haven’t played this game in way too long and I can still feel the rage filling my bones when I would get killed from someone who didn’t even know where I was.

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Jan 282016

Even those of you out there who don’t play video games can probably tell me who and what this picture is.

Game Changer

This is from the Halo franchise of course.

Since I broke down my favorite video games categories from my last post, I figured I would touch on a few of my favorite from both in my next few posts here at Slide Gamers.

Halo will always have a place in my heart and even though I have probably had more fun and spent more time with the Call of Duty franchise, I have to give the title of my favorite first person shooter to Halo.

Halo was one of the first games to come out with such an amazing multi-player that was absolutely mind boggling when it first came out. I still remember sitting in my friends’ living room with 2 Xboxs set up on 2 different TVs with 4 people playing on each TV against another 4 on the other. Even for Slide Gamers and experienced software developers like us, this was amazing. This was the only start of it and when they came out with online play it was just a whole new world.

No One Can Disagree

Anyone who plays video games or considers themselves any sort of gamer, has nothing but respect for all of and anything Halo. No one would talk down about it and even if they don’t have fun playing, they know how influential and important it has been to the entire gaming world.

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Jan 272016

So back in the day when Slide Gamers was a software for hosting network games online, we had a pretty minimal selections of games to choose from. We mostly played Counterstrike on our computers and didn’t even use our software and we slowly drifted away as online gaming started getting better and more accessible with each console.

Can’t Choose

If you were to ask me what my favorite video game of all time is, I don’t know if I would be able to answer right away. There have been a lot of games where I played for years straight but as soon as a newer and better one came out I would switch but I always kept a level and respect for the older games especially considering what they were when they first came out.

First there are RPG games. These are role play games and usually consist of you leveling a character up and creating his own entire world. Definitely the most time and life consuming games there are.

Then there are first person shooters. These are games like Call of Duty and Halo and consists of you with a gun from his point of view, running around shooting everyone in sight.

Then these two categories are obviously just a couple to name from a huge list, but they are by far my favorite genres and will be most of what I talk about on here so stay tuned.

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Jan 262016

Hello everyone and welcome to Slide Gamers!

I’m Back!

Long long ago in an office building not that far away (only a few miles) this was a page where we held servers online for various games that nerds like me could come and play together. Our software was designed to bring gamers together and allow people to play in private servers that we built but it didn’t last too long.

Yes, this is where I spent most of my day…

We tried to make it big but just couldn’t compete with gaming consoles online becoming so much more popular and didn’t require people to leave their couch.

This included me and I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. So I am back and instead of trying to revolutionize the way online gaming is, I decided to just make this a page where I can talk about my favorite games out now, what games to look out for, and what games were just huge bombs where they were supposed to be game changers.

Sorry for anyone reading this that isn’t into gaming, especially online and I will take this time to warn you what you are about to find on here might be shocking but this level of passion and love for video games is very real and is very common out there regardless of whether you want to believe it or not ladies.

I will try to cover as much as I can on here and I will spend most of the time talking about my personal favorites so stick around and see if yours make my list!



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