Jan 292016

Now that I have touched on Halo I figured it is only appropriate to crown the second place first person shooter to the Call of Duty franchise. If it wasn’t for Halo completely revolutionizing multi-player I would probably consider Call of Duty better and I have spent more actual hours playing it, but there is just no getting around how much Halo has changed the entire gaming world and I think most would agree.

Another thing I think most real gamers would agree with is that Call of Duty is without question much more rage inducing when you play and there have definitely been a hand full of occasions where I was 2 seconds away from throwing my TV out the window when playing, but that’s another topic.

Coincidentally enough, MW2 is the game that induced the vast majority of all of my gaming rage over the years but at the same time provided me with the most entertainment of the whole series.

Noob Tube

The way that they made the grenade launcher so powerful in this game is just beyond me. You could literally sit in the corner on any map, look directly up, and shoot a grenade in the air and chances were great that you would get a kill.

Oh my god I haven’t played this game in way too long and I can still feel the rage filling my bones when I would get killed from someone who didn’t even know where I was.

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