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Now that you know my top 3 first person shooters, I figured this would be a good time to switch lanes here and go into my other favorite online gaming category. I think this one is going to be an obvious one for any real gamers out there but it is impossible to mention MMO’s without talking about the one changed the entire online gaming world.


For anyone who isn’t a total nerd like us here at Slide Gamers, an MMORPG is a massive multi-player online role playing game and almost always consists of you starting a character and having to level him up, increasing your skills, traits, and strength along the way.

Almost everyone has at least heard of World of Warcraft these days and for those who have not, I envy you.

Like Nothing Else

Without question, WoW has taken up the most time of my life BY FAR compared to any other game. I truly look at it as a life style choice, not a game. Anyone who has fallen victim to this incredible and life changing game will agree with me and the level of addiction that can come of this game is scary.

There have literally been stories of kids around the world committing suicide for various reasons as a result of this game. Words simply cannot describe the absolute perfection that is World of Warcraft.

I could write (and there certainly has been) an entire book on this game and the experiences I have had on it so I am going to have to break this up into a few separate posts so stay tuned.

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