Feb 152016

This one might sound a little silly to any of you out there who aren’t as into gaming as we have made apparent with Slide Gamers. Now that I touched on my favorite games of all times and different aspects of them I can talk about the consequences that some of us face from our addictions.


For the serious gamers, this is an absolute life style. I never have had it happen to me personally, but I have multiple friends who have ruined their relationships because of their gaming. This is especially true for those who play World of Warcraft.

I really don’t know what it is about that game, but for some reason it has a really bad rep with the ladies and in their minds any guy who invests any time in the game is a complete loser and weighs 450 pounds with acne all over his back.

I know guys who have played a wide variety of video games including some of my favorites like Call of Duty and Halo with little to no consequences from their girlfriends. But as soon as their girl walks in to their house and sees the back of her boyfriends head facing the computer their blood immediately starts boiling.

I think it has to do with how severe some WoW addictions have gotten. There have been kids who have committed suicide over this game and addiction counseling services are offered in certain parts of the world.


The one thing that I have been dealing with as a result of my gaming is some minor carpal tunnel syndrome. Click here for a little background info on it and tomorrow I will talk about that roofing buddy of mine who has similar issues.

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