Feb 242016

Now that I talked about some of the consequences that hardcore gamers like us have to endure, I can talk about something that a lot of people probably won’t understand unless you have experienced it yourself.

Til’ the End

Unless you play games online as hardcore as Slide Gamers, you might not believe it when we say that the friendships you develop and grow online are some of the greatest ones you will ever have. There is something about the online gaming community that just brings together faster than other groups of people. This is what I like to believe at least.

I remember growing up my mom would always get on my case about going outside with my friends more but this is just something that she could never understand. For gamers like us, getting on our computer or Xbox after school and putting on that headset was our way of hanging out and we were probably bonding more than we would be if we were hanging out with each other just watching TV or something stupid like that.

There is a mutual understanding and respect for one another when you are playing online together and it helps develop bonds that you can’t find anywhere else. We are all on the same page and all here for the same reason.

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